Monday, March 24, 2008

Mushroom Soup Sky...into the Wild

Greece has a reputation for a warm climate and blue sky.  But once a week Athen's sky is not the post-card blue...but looks a lot like cream of mushroom soup.

And there are far too many stray cats here.  On a ten minute walk around the neighbourhood, you may see about twenty cats.  And, it being Spring, many are pregnant.  A month ago, I saw...erm...a gang rape of the cat world.  (she managed to wriggle free eventually, although the males were brutal).

And these cats make hideous wailing sounds in the dark, really loud. It would be kind for an animal rights group to distribute contraceptive pills to all of these cats, disguised in their food. 

There's also a turtle in a park just next door to me, the sight of it gave me a lot of pleasure.  And then there was another in someone's garden just down the road and another and another.  Turtles?!?  In England and Sweden they  may have been in children's petting zoos, but I never saw one.

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Paul and Nicole said...

Yeah we have a tortoise in our garden down here on our island. It's cool - just out of hibernation last month roaming again - undeterred by cats.

Nice blog by the way.