Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lights Out!!!

A black out on my block!  Well in the middle of listening to a BBC documentary, the electricity cut off.  To tell the truth, I was lolling about anyway, and the black out was a great excuse to continue doing nothing in the late afternoon.
The story is that the electricity company is on strike, and taking out neighbourhood by neighbourhood, little by little of Athens at a time.  Of course I'm not complaining : I fully support those who strike!!

But then the sun went down, and the black out was not funny anymore.  Especially as we were not prepared : no candles, no flashlight.  
Off to the local taverna!  The walk to the taverna was spooky with no street lights...we could not see the other pedestrians' faces.  
We reached the taverna safely and a feast of roast chicken, beer, salad, and chewy bread followed.
The table next to us was filled with fellow victims of the black out.


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