Saturday, March 15, 2008

Faith & Governments

To the left is a photo taken from a pro-war march in America, held by little boys in military dress.  In this banner there is a strong religious message regarding America's war with Vietnam.

The call for a secular society, "division between religion and the state" is certainly vague.  

I am concerned that Turkey's chief prosecutor prepares his case to ban the ruling party, on the grounds that its policies undermine the country's secular Constitution. For more news on this click here.

Religious freedom and democracy ought to be respected.    What can the affects be of banning the democratically elected government?  Does this move give more power to the military?

(that there is so much focus on the issue of headscarves seems misplaced, 
the issue of headscarves is dressed as a feminist issue, but
if politicans and journalists are so concerned with feminism, then there are more pressing matters such as equal wages, extensive and well-paid maternity leave, etc.)

While some journalists continue to discuss the value of separation between religion and state, others point out the hypocrisy - for example - NO separation of state and OIL in the US government...for more information on the relationship between the US government and oil companies please go to

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