Monday, March 3, 2008

Star Gazing in Nea Smyrnh

Just another lunch in the local taverna. On entering, I noted the really sexy young guys sitting at the front table...they were wearing sporty clothes including Africans and North Africans. They seemed very different from the normal middle aged and elderly clientelle.

Then having settled into our seats, my partner said, "Aren't they Panionios players?"

After ten more minutes of just plain staring, and finally questioning the waitress, there was no longer a doubt in our minds that they were indeed football celebrities. They were speaking English with each other with a smattering of French. And talking about the long summer days of Finland! They included a French Algerian, a Malian, and a Finnish-Albanian (we realised after google-ing and wiki-ing)
They were also double parked outside the restaurant.

The rest of our lunch was eaten with a certain euphoria! Although my beloved partner didn't think I should stare too long at them!

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