Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pheweee! Strong smells in the dark

The strike continues.  (both the power company and the garbage collectors). ..and although I do support the workers' unions and their action...walking on the streets here in Athens is not so pleasant. 

It's still not as bad as the photo I pasted above, at least the trash is contained in bags.  But every corner stinks of rubbish, and there are unsightly piles of plastic bags filled with waste...
A woman with a loudspeaker walked around the neighbourhood telling us to keep our trash inside the houses.  That was this afternoon, (well we put the garbage out before we heard her, fortunately).
Let's hope this strike accomplishes something!  Karamanlis and his center right party must not go through with the proposed pension reforms, but instead enter into negotiations with the unions.

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