Thursday, April 3, 2008

Everyone's an expert....

(above is Lemonis, in action on the football field, whilst today he was taking a long time over his coffee, three seats away from me).

Two days ago, there was a long drawn-out debate on Olympiakos' outstanding defeat 4-0, to Aik.  Discussions on Greek football take on complex dimensions and last until its time to sleep or eat with a full mouth.
Just before this record defeat, the Olympiakos' coach was fired, without a reason, and yet he was considered to be one of the best coaches the team has ever had, taking Olympiakos to win a Champions League away game for the first time.

So, who would I sit next to today, but the former Olympiakos coach - Lemonis!?!  

Once again, like with the Panionios players, my partner didn't tell me until it was too late and I had already made a fuss about the distance between the table and the seats, and asked to move across the room, before we had a chance to listen in....although some lines of the conversation were picked up by my boyfriend's supersonic Ears.  

Like any newly unemployed person, he was discussing job opportunities with some teams, while sipping coffee, smoking, and eyeing up women.

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