Tuesday, April 22, 2008

no where to go...

The NGO responsible for the rights of trafficked women found in Athens told me they don't have a safe-house for victims in Athens. What would it take to find a secure home for the victims?

Meanwhile the girls are granted police protection only if they testify against the traffickers, they must bring forth evidence against the criminals involved, and most of the girls actually know very little about the criminal organisation.
Further there are very few victims identified by police.
The NGO's main activity seems to be "awareness campaigns"and maintaining a network between countries of origin and destination countries.
We can consider further effective action with all of this EU money : a comfortable secure "safe house" for a start, extensive medical care and therapy.
How about changing the law on prostitution to be more in line with Swedish law prosecuting those who purchase sex? Going to a prostitute should be considered one of the most violent forms of physical abuse and a crime.
However the statistics show that prostitution is accepted in Greece, with about 1 million males visiting prostitutes, that is half of the male sexually active population.

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